Todd Skoglund


"Your extensive experience with building construction and water infiltration problems gave us a lot of confidence throughout our litigation. Your advice and efforts enabled us to settle our claims most satisfactorily. You went the extra mile.... We are very pleased with the results and we would be happy to be quoted as your reference."

Margaret Kwan, Manager/Owner, 2nd Street LLC

Todd K. Skoglund’s practice is dedicated to the representation of building owners, homeowners and construction defect matters throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Skoglund has successfully resolved matters in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Mr. Skoglund’s unique experience in the construction industry and legal field give his clients a tremendous advantage in resolving their cases successfully.

Mr. Skoglund started his career in the construction industry sweeping floors and cleaning-up work sites. He continued to work his way up, learn his trade and qualified as a certified carpenter and roofer. Mr. Skoglund became a member of the Labor, Plumbers and Roofers unions.

After attending law school at Seattle University, Mr. Skoglund began his legal career working for the largest insurance defense firm in the State of Washington. He served as lead counsel, representing a wide variety of construction developers, general contractors, roofers, carpenters, siding companies, framers, window installers, gutter installers, EIFS installers, electricians, and plumbers. The claims made by Plaintiffs against his clients ranged from $5,000 to well over $10,000,000.

In 2002, Mr. Skoglund left the insurance defense sector and started his own practice. Mr. Skoglund and Mr. Casey joined forces in 2002 to jointly litigate construction defect claims on behalf of injured and defrauded building owners and homeowners.

Mr. Skoglund’s extensive familiarity with complex coverage and liability issues, his focus on fostering close client relationships, diverse construction and construction defect experience and dedication enable him to recoup money other firms give up on. Todd’s experience and aggressiveness contributes to his ability to recover millions of dollars on subrogation claims and assignments.

Mr. Skoglund’s goal remains consistent — to lower your loss level and improve your bottom line.